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Sexual violence is a silent issue. We’re working to break the silence and inspire people to engage with this issue through the transformative power of music. In doing so, we hope to provide healing for survivors and foster a society that’s not only willing to listen, but ready to change. We are Angel Band Project.

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Latest News

“While the City Slept” and Why It’s Important – Part Two

A three-part reflection by Rachel Ebeling, co-founder of Angel Band Project Part Two   The snow is falling peacefully and the hum of the furnace keeps me warm in my office.  Sitting in this front room, surrounded by windows that let the light of day shine through so that everything around me has stunning clarity, is one of the main reasons why I chose this space for Angel Band Project.   In the next room, Tim Butz is being interviewed by a local reporter for a St. Louis news station.  He is one of Teresa’s 8 brothers.  Tim is...

“While the City Slept” and Why It’s Important: Part One

A three-part reflection by Rachel Ebeling, co-founder of Angel Band Project Yesterday, February 2, 2016, a new book was released by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Eli Sanders.  “While the City Slept” traces the lives of the three people whose lives tragically intersected on July 19, 2009.  Jennifer Hopper, Teresa Butz, and Isaiah Kalebu.  This is not a new story for us, by any means, because I had the pleasure of growing up with feisty Teresa in south St. Louis in the 1970s.  We met on the first day of kindergarten at St. Stephen’s Protomartyr Catholic School.  Wearing freshly pressed red...

Chute to Heal August 22 in Maine

Written by Rachel Ebeling, co-founder and executive director On August 22, a team of brave skydivers will jump for Angel Band Project, led by New York Junior Board Member Natasha Repass. Natasha has her own harrowing story of survival.  Seven years ago, on August 22, 2008, she was sexually assaulted by a transient while walking home from work.  She was beaten, dragged into the woods, and raped at knife point. “I went through two long re-victimizing trials before my rapist was found guilty and finally put away,” explains Natasha.  “No longer walking the same streets as I did. I finally...

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