In 2014, we established our Virtual Choir initiative.  Based loosely on composer Eric Whitacre’s incredible concept of blending music and technology, we are using the power of technology to unite survivors of sexual violence in song.

What is a Virtual Choir?  It’s a choir that allows people from all over the globe to sing in solidarity on the issue of sexual violence.  We have chosen the song “One Voice,” an original composition by the female trio Wailin’ Jenny’s.  Participants learn this song with the help of a board-certified music therapist.  Each participant is then professionally recorded singing the song.  These individual recordings are then compiled together to showcase each participant singing side-by-side “virtually” with one another.

We debuted our first Virtual Choir experience in November 2014 in St. Louis.  In 2015, we bring the Virtual Choir to Seattle, Washington, in October.  Our goal is to expand the choir to include survivors from all over the world.  Look for these developments in 2016.

Quotes from Participants

“I survived this experience because I found myself in a safety net of voices saying “You can do this, you aren’t alone.” I’m singing because I want to be that voice for others.” – Virtual Choir participant

“Music helps me to cope and forget my problems. With music, I become someone else, happy and carefree. With music, I am not a victim. I become a survivor!” – Virtual Choir participant

“One of my favorite quotes is,” Speak the Truth. Even if you Voice Shakes.” I think that it is important that we speak out, in hopes that if more of us do, eventually we will see greater changes for the better for survivors.” – Virtual Choir Participant


Here’s a video of the performance in St. Louis.  Check it out.  It’s powerful stuff.