The Voices and Faces Project

The Angel Band Project has donated all proceeds from “Take you with me” CD sales (our first benefit album) to The Voices and Faces Project.  We believe that their mission …  which gives survivors of sexual violence a safe place to share their names, faces, and stories … mirrors our intentions of providing hope and healing for survivors and their families.

Founded in 2004 by a community of rape survivors, The Voices and Faces Project brings their stories to the attention of the public through a series of creative, documentary and new media initiatives.  They seek to change minds, hearts and public policy on the issue of sexual violence.

Dismissing the silence that usually pervades the issue, they stand together in solidarity to speak out and be heard in an effort to bring an end to sexual violence.

To find about more about The Voices and Faces Project, visit their website at


Safe Connections

The Angel Band Project partnered with Safe Connections in 2014 to begin a music therapy pilot program for survivors of sexual/domestic violence. Safe Connections is a crisis-counseling center located in St. Louis, MO.  Their counseling and support groups help women and teens from all over the St. Louis region. Learn more about their important work at

YWCA St. Louis Regional Sexual Assault Center

As of spring 2015, we are now offering musical therapy programs to the clients of the YWCA St. Louis Regional Sexual Assault Center, which assists more than 1,000 victims annually. Its sexual assault response team works collaboratively with St. Louis City and County police officers, area hospitals, the prosecuting attorney’s office and as well as with other victim service agencies.  Learn more at

Woman’s Place

Founded in 1998, Woman’s Place is the St. Louis region’s only non-residential drop-in center for women struggling with the experience of relationship abuse; i.e. domestic or sexual violence. Woman’s Place is dedicated to helping women heal from the isolation, pain, and trauma of abuse. They do this through programs such as crisis intervention and support groups that help women in their transition toward safety, healing, and personal empowerment.

At Woman’s Place women have a confidential opportunity to assess their situation, experience understanding and encouragement, and access resources helpful to them. An appointment is not required, and there is usually little or no waiting to see one of our staff members.  Visit

St. Martha’s Hall

St. Martha’s Hall is a shelter for abused women and their children in St. Louis.

Their mission is to help battered women and their children break the cycle of violence in their lives. In an attempt to accomplish this, they:

*offer an immediate, confidential safe place for abused women and their children to live;
*provide a supportive environment with a strong emphasis on peer support;
*implement a self-help philosophy to enhance self-esteem and decision-making skills;
*staff 24- hour crisis line;
*provide accurate information and referrals to abused women and their children and when appropriate to their abusers

*provide advocacy services;
*provide individual crisis, group and family counseling;
*provide follow up support and offer community education to increase public awareness and understanding of domestic violence.

Learn more: