The Tracks from Take You With Me

    1. Take you with me … Written by Hannah Butz Ehrlich; performed by Hannah Butz Ehrlic, Michael Ehrlich and Jennifer Hopper

This simple, yet profoundly insightful song was composed by Hannah as a way to express her feelings about the death of her aunt.  Teresa and Hannah were extremely close.  Hannah has eloquently described how she manages to deal with her loss.  “I take you with me where I go … then I never have to go alone.  If there’s one thing I hope you to know … I take you with me where I go.”

    1. Come Along or Step Aside … Written by Norbert Leo Butz; performed by Norbert Leo Butz, John Shannon, Konrad Adderley, Jeff Potter, TC Furlong, Bobby Crowe, Jennifer Hopper

Originally written by Norbert years before Teresa’s death, he felt that this song aptly described the emotions he has experienced in dealing with the death of his sister.  For those who were close to Norb before Teresa’s death, but could not find a way to understand or comprehend the tragedy that took place, Norb’s response was simply, “Come along, or step aside.”  Either get involved and be with me on this journey of pain and grief, or make room for those who will.  We have found this to be particularly poignant for those who have encountered the Angel Band Project during our musical journey.  You’re either with us, or you’re not.  We thank you for coming along with us.  What a ride it has been.

    1. Make You Feel My Love … written by Bob Dylan; performed by Jennifer Hopper, Maria Scherer Wilson, Adrian Van Battenburg, Josh Wilson, Eli Rosenblatt, Andy Stoller, Conor Detjen, Dean Luce, Lulu Strange, Sally Reavis, Dana Pleasant, Gena Brooks

This upbeat version of the Bob Dylan classic, sung by Teresa’s partner, reminds us of just how much one human being in love with another will do to prove that love. “I could make you happy, make your dreams come true … I’d go crawling down the avenue … I’d go to the ends of the earth for you.  To make you feel my love.”  Sung with conviction and energy, this song will have you clicking “repeat” many times in a row.  It’s really good.

    1. Real Love … written by Jim Butz; performed by Jim Butz, Steve Butz, and Norbert Leo Butz

An inspiring song that deals with what we are all searching for in life: the presence of Real Love.  “I need the presence of your Real Love … I want the resurrection power.”  In light of this tragedy, Teresa’s youngest brother Jim looks for wisdom from above to handle the tremendous grief of losing his sister.

    1. Goodbye …. Written by Patty Griffin; performed by Norbert Leo Butz, Mari Dorman-Phaneuf, Christian Hebel

A haunting but beautiful song that captures the heartbreaking emotion of saying goodbye to someone you love.  In this case, forever.  “I remember where I was …. When the word came about you.  It was a day much like today … the sky was wide and high and blue. “  To reflect on the day when your world is changed forever.  To wish that there would have been “a better way to say goodbye.”

    1. Mary … written by Patty Griffin; performed by Jennifer Hopper, Norbert Leo Butz, John Shannon, Konrad Adderley, Jeff Potter, Bobby Crowe

A favorite of Teresa’s, Norb chose this song because he knew how much Teresa loved it.  It’s a song sung by Teresa’s partner that is sung with such subdued force, such belief in its lyrics, that we are reminded of how we, too, can prevail over death … just as Mary did.

    1. Angel Waltz … written by Bobby Crowe; performed by Norbert Leo Butz, John Shannon, Konrad Adderley, Jeff Potter, Christian Hebel, Walter L. English III

Composed by one of Norb’s best friends, this song wends its way through the verses in a dreamlike melody of ethereal imagery.  “She waltzes slowly with the moonbeams … reach through the clouds to her face.”  “She says that she’s gone away to heaven … she says it’s a place I ought to see.  She says that she wants to take me with her …”  Led with vocal beauty from Teresa’s brother Norb, and with a backdrop of piano, violin, and electric guitar, this song radiates with a sorrowful, yet contemplative melody.  And she indeed, has left us for higher ground.

    1. Kind heart on Rose St. … written by Adam Butz; performed by Adam and The Wifflers

Adam, Teresa’s oldest nephew, composed this hard-edged punk rock tune in an effort to articulate his anger and sadness at losing his favorite aunt.  He’s “gotta get away from the chaos.”  He captures Teresa’s energy (“she’s the one who’s always laughing and dancing … energy to rock the house all night, all night) while reminding us again and again of the horrible way that she left this earth on that “bloody night on Rose Street.”  She was, after all, that “kind heart on Rose Street.”

    1. If … written by Jennifer Hopper; performed by Jennifer Hopper, Maria Scherer Wilson, Josh Wilson

This simple, yet beautifully written poem, composed by Teresa’s partner, captures the kaleidoscope of brilliant colors that Teresa was made of.  The delicate piano notes, the sadness of the cello, and Jen’s heartfelt lyrics depict a soulful picture for us all to imagine.

    1. Ready When You Are … written by Jim Butz; performed by Jim Butz and Norbert Leo Butz

In a world where we often feel like we need to be in control, this song reminds us that that is just not always so.  Written by Teresa’s youngest brother Jim during his time in the seminary, this contemplates the realities of the here and now.  There’s much that is out of our hands, and if we let it go and realize that there is something greater than our human power, we might find peace.  “You’re in control. I’m letting go.”

    1. Free to Be You & Me … written by Bruce Hart; performed by Tony Butz

Originally released on Marlo Thomas’ “Free to be you & me” album in the late 70s, this enthusiastic rendition sung by Teresa’s brother Tony is filled with hope.  A childhood favorite of Teresa and Tony’s growing up, this album symbolized the freedom that we all yearn for; that someday, we can all aspire to live “in a land, where the horses run free … and you and me are free to be, you and me.”

    1. Great Dream … musical arrangement by Joseph Joubert and vocal arrangement by Michael McElroy; performed by Michael McElroy, Joseph Joubert, Konrad Adderley, Walter L. English III, John Clancy, John Shannon, Jennifer Hopper, Norbert Leo Butz, Michelle Federer and the Broadway Inspirational Voices Choir

This gospel hymn, which begins with an acapella intro from the song “Precious Lord,” finishes the album in a most grand and hopeful manner.  Unseen angels protect us at our most vulnerable times; when we are asleep in our bed, or during times of strife.  “Softly like a morning’s first glow unseen angels come stand by my side.”  Comfort us, angels.