The Band

“Come Along, Join the Band”

This musical journey began with a simple premise: to create music that would help us heal and inspire us to find hope in the midst of unimaginable grief.  Early on, we decided that our “band” would include any and everyone who touched the Angel Band Project.  That this would be a community project, where we would reach out to each other in hopes of forming something truly authentic and real.  We know that we’ve achieved this because of the hundreds of people involved.

From the dozens of musicians that poured their hearts and souls into the recordings to the numerous volunteers that made our fundraising efforts a success, we thank you for joining the band. 

To our amazing lawyers at the Washington University Non-Profit Law Clinic, we thank you, too.  And to those who helped us with verbal encouragement, who made sure that we were held up as we dived into making an album on a hope and a prayer, we thank you.  To those who gave financially and believed in us, you are also a very important part of the band. We couldn’t have done it without you!

To our amazing production and engineering crew at American Mobile Studio and Chicago Recording Company, you made our band sound flawless.  And to the charitable spirit of the London Bridge Studios in Seattle, you gave us an opportunity to make music without worrying about the bill.  Thank you.

To those who have followed our progress on the blog, you’re all in the band, too.  We may not know you personally, but we do know that you care about our journey.  Believe me, without our “fans,” this band could have nosedived halfway through.  Your silent encouragement was a tremendous lift when we needed it.

Oh, and to all those businesses who donated food, or drinks, or services along the way, we thank you.  You know who you are!

And now that the album is out there, the band keeps on growing.  Everyone who has taken the time to listen to this music has joined the band.  Can you water the seeds and help us grow stronger?  Can you tell a friend, or buy a CD as a gift for someone who might need a lift?  That will help grow this band the most.  We want our branches to grow so tall that they reach the clouds.  Can you help us?


Join the band today and support the Angel Band Project.