Chute to Heal August 22 in Maine

Chute to Heal August 22 in Maine

Written by Rachel Ebeling, co-founder and executive director

On August 22, a team of brave skydivers will jump for Angel Band Project, led by New York Junior Board Member Natasha Repass.

Natasha has her own harrowing story of survival.  Seven years ago, on August 22, 2008, she was sexually assaulted by a transient while walking home from work.  She was beaten, dragged into the woods, and raped at knife point.

“I went through two long re-victimizing trials before my rapist was found guilty and finally put away,” explains Natasha.  “No longer walking the same streets as I did. I finally decided I was going to start “living” again, that I was going to take my day back.  I was not going to let him take anything from me again.”

Her strength and bravery are inspiring to all who know her.  I remember the day that I received that first email from Natasha.  She shared her story, and told me she wanted to help other survivors in their efforts to heal.  She had heard about Angel Band Project from someone who had attended a conference that I spoke at in New Hampshire in 2013.

Last year, she and her fellow jumpers spent two days at the Sky Dive New England campground, holding out for bad weather to clear so they could jump.  And they did it after waiting out the storm.  This year, even more people are joining her efforts.

“This is a day where new beginnings happen, spirits are lifted, minds are eased, friends are made and hope is shared. A day people come together as one voice in the fight to end the the violence,” explains Natasha.

You can help Natasha and her teammates by donating to the event.  Funds raised will be used to expand our music therapy programs for survivors of sexual violence.

Visit to make a donation TODAY.

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